Estrela Spa Massage:

Our most popular massage! This treatment is based off the ancient practice of Swedish massage which is focused on relaxation. It is customized theraputic treatment that helps improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and promote relaxation. Your stress will drift away as your therapist uses long flowing strokes with firm but gentle pressure while applying our signature massage cream, calming your mind and soothing your spirit.
30 min. $60  -  60 min. $90  -  90 min. $120


Estrela Hot Stone Massage:
Melt away your muscle tension and slip into a relaxed state of mind with our hot stones massage. The heat of our hand polished Basalt lava stones will penetrate deep into your muscles tissue to relieve tension, pain and stress creating the benefit of a deep tissue massage while the stones glide smoothly across your body.
90 min $175

Pre-natal Massage:
This massage is designed to enhance the well-being of both mother and baby during pregnancy. This is a healthy and relaxing way to reduce stress and relieve many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as hip and back aches, sore neck, leg cramps and swollen feet. At Estrela our therapists will take extra care to be sure our pregnant clients are comfortable with our variety of pillows and cushions that can be used during any stage of your pregnancy.
                                                                                      30 min. $60 - 60 min. $90  -  90 min. $120