The Skin Classic is a high frequency technology for the treatment of minor skin irregularities such as broken capilaries, skin tags, cholesterol deposits, brown spots due to sun damage, sebaceous hyperplasia, acne cysts, fibromas and clogged pores. 

The Skin Classic treatments are quick, and may not even touch the surface.  Small skin tags or blood spots disappear immediately and hyper pigmented areas such as liver or "age spots" take only a few seconds.  There is minimal discomfort and downtime for the client.  This can be performed on the face, neck, chest, back, hands, or arms! 



1 hour body $150-350

30 min body $100-200

1 hour face $150-200

30 min face $40-100


There is some downtime. Whenever the Skin Classic comes into contact with the epidermis it will leave a little ding.  This takes anywhere from 5-7-10 days before the skin is smooth again.  During that time it is important to baby your skin with gentle products.  You will also be sent home with aftercare instructions. You will be scheduled for an affordable follow-up with the ultrasonic system to monitor your skin's improvement and keep up with good maintenance habits is you so desire.